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Books That Make You Podcast

Books That Make You is a channel about all things bookish. Home to the The Books That Make You show with host Desiree Duffy of Black Chateau Enterprises. Where she discuses books with authors and experts, unraveling the inner pages of all the books that help make us who we are. BTMY also live streams bookish events as well as posting author readings and bookish contest on

Sep 28, 2022

Books That Make You More Adventurous in Your Genre-Blended Reading

What a treat it is to find books that mix and match genres, that take the best elements of romance, or mystery, or the supernatural, and blend them in new, exciting and imaginative ways.

And, with her sixth book in the Jackrabbit Junction...

Sep 21, 2022

Books That Make You Create Your Own Life – and Podcast

We’re going meta bit here. Yes, we’re a podcast – and, for our listeners on MyStar-95-dot-com, a radio show. We created the “Books That Make You Show” brand to highlight books and their authors.

Appropriately enough, Jeremy Ryan Slate is an author...

Sep 8, 2022

Books That Make Your Soul Fly with Poetry

Poetry inspires and moves us in ways we often can’t anticipate. Multi-talented and award-winning poet, Alonzo "zO" Gross, or zO-AlonzO, is also a Singer, Rap Artist, Playwright, Screenwriter, Dancer and Recording Artist.

zO’s short stories were initially seen in 2005 and...

Aug 24, 2022

Books That Make You and Your Kid Get Ready for Higher Education

It’s so important, helping our children get educated, and guiding them accordingly.

Beth Pickett, author of “The Essential Guide for Busy Parents: College Admissions”, is also the founder of College Prep Counseling, and for more than a decade has been...

Aug 10, 2022

Books That Make You Wonder What Might Happen in an Alternate Life

The sun is out, life is good, and you’re going on a nice bike ride. Then, suddenly, a hasty decision propels you into a different version of your life.

It’s a glitch in the matrix, sending you down a path to discovering that the nature of the cosmos...