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Nov 30, 2022

Books That Make You Rethink Addiction, and Addictive Cycles

We tend to think of addiction in terms of addiction to drugs, alcohol or sex. When we talk about our careers though, we use terms like “dedicated” and “hardworking”. When we talk about relationships, we use words like “madly in love” or “domestic abuse”.

What if all these and more had their source in addiction, and getting to the bottom of them, and recognizing that, could help us break the addictive cycles that keep us trapped?

Dr. Donna Marks helps people understand there's only One Addiction that changes forms, and all forms are deadly. She is an author, consultant, public speaker, and has been a psychotherapist for over three decades. Currently, she has a concierge psychotherapy practice in Palm Beach, Florida. Her two books are: “Learn Grow Forgive – A Path to Spiritual Success”, and “Exit the Maze: One Addiction, One Cause, One Solution” (revised).

Dr. Marks says that every addiction is a substitute for love, and the only remedy is to substitute every addiction with acts of self-love. The more a person makes a loving choice in place of a self-destructive one, the addiction is forgotten, and restoring meaning and purpose to one’s life.

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