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Aug 2, 2023

Books That Make You Venture Across Magical Realms

You’re graduating from high school, getting ready to chase your dreams on Broadway—then, the whole shuts down.

We all went through it. Depending on your age and career, though, it struck many of us more profoundly. But under that despair, creatives did what they do best: they created.

Vianlix-Christine Schneider wrote her first book, Seaside Magic, which helped take her out of the real world for a few hours, creating a magical place with her main character: 14-year-old Caroline Smith, who discovers her family has magical powers, She then encounters a mysterious masked man who seeks to put an end to that.

In addition, Vianlix-Christine is the author of Seaside Magic: The World of the Mirror and Puffy Ball. Something amazing about all three books: each one won BookFest Awards, a truly amazing feat!

Vianlix-Christine lives in Virginia with her supporting family, along with her two dogs, Hershey and Oreo.

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