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Jan 11, 2024

Books That Make You Consciously Adventure with Your Child, or the Child In Your Life

Whimsical stories have a place in many a child’s—and, by extension, grown-up’s—heart, helping to inspire us and nurture a sense of wonder. Nowadays, however, that sense of wonder is compromised by the intensifying emphasis on screen-time, structured learning, timelines, and the chronic pressures of school and success.

Such things are intense for us adults. So what must they be like for kids growing up today?

Laura Leone’s new book, Conscious Kid-Adventures with Zane: Imagine & Create, features an author-led audio meditation and engaging coloring book activities, all designed to nurture children's well-being.

Motivated by a desire to provide a mindful activity for her young child during COVID lockdowns, Laura is passionate about bringing metaphysical awareness to our youth, and so established Starseed Metaphysical Shop Publishing™️ and authored the “Conscious Kid-Adventures with Zane” series.

Laura Leone, M.B.A., M.A. is the founder of Starseed Metaphysical Shop LLC, which covers the brands Starseed Metaphysical Shop Publishing™ and Starseed Cosmetics™. A mom, stepmom, and the daughter of a Mexican immigrant, Laura is also an Air Force veteran, and has been in public service for over twenty years as a certified fraud examiner.

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