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Feb 24, 2021

We’re talking about Books That Make You Step Back in Time

If you’ve seen WandaVision, you understand the nostalgia we feel when watching favorite classic television. We love characters from the olden days of TV. They were great friends, and fixtures in our living rooms. And we love getting the true stories behind those shows.

Author Scott Ryan is wickedly adept at getting people to open up to him, which makes him a great historian and storyteller. He is an author of the books thirtysomething at thirty: an oral history, The Last Days of Letterman, and of the forthcoming Moonlighting: An Oral History. He is also the co-publisher at Fayetteville Mafia Press and the managing editor of The Blue Rose Magazine, the director of A Voyage to Twin Peaks and the host of The Red Room Podcast.

Ryan was also in the 1988 homemade VHS-classic: Spooflighting, where he played David Addison. Additionally, he wrote about his own bad luck in the short comic series, Scott Luck Stories.

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