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Apr 8, 2020

The Nordic Thriller, or Scandinavian Noir as it is sometimes called, is a hot genre even if it’s set against an icy-cold backdrop. Authors like Stieg Larsson and the Millennial trilogy which included The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo are what people often think of. Netflix and other channels are doing well with TV shows like Fortitude, Deadwind, Tin Star, and more There is an exciting new author in this genre who is turning heads. Sara Winokur, author of Double Blind: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders is the guest for this show.

Discover more about this exciting genre, why people love it so much, and find out how Sara weaves her real experience as a molecular geneticist into her writing. She’ll talk about provocative topics like databasing the public’s DNA, how genetic diseases differ from infectious diseases like Covid-19, and the real Icelandic manuscripts she researched which helped inspire her writing.

Sara Winokur is a PhD molecular geneticist at the University of California and an author. With dozens of articles published in scientific journals, including Human Molecular Genetics, Nature Genetics, and Cell Stem Cell she is very respected in the community. Sara was even part of the team that discovered the gene that causes Dwarfism and Huntington’s Disease. ​

Sara Winokur is also an ovarian cancer “thriver” and decided to pen her first novel after dealing with the illness. Her writing is an exquisite blend of her expertise in genetics and her affinity for the culture and surreal landscape of Iceland, where she has traveled to frequently in researching her book.

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