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Apr 22, 2020

The big existential threat of our time, apparently now in addition to pandemic viruses, remains the climate change crisis. There are oodles of books, documentaries, events, and papers about the topic. One manner in which we can educate ourselves is through fiction. Sometimes looking at an issue through the allegory of a story helps us put it into perspective. Scott Brody does that in his political thriller titled The Org.

Politics plays a big role in this book, as does the seemingly cult-like group that is trying to gain control. If this sounds familiar, it might be because Scott imagined a near-future world devastated by climate change. Unfortunately, that world is quickly becoming a reality.

Scott Brody actually spent a few of his younger years involved in a cult-like group. His unique perspective of them led to him writing the The Org. In this interview, host Desireé Duffy discusses cults, politics, the allure of leaders who want to control the masses, and the real threat that climate change creates for us today, with Scott Brody.

Scott Brody grew up in a political home in New York. He listened to his elders as they discussed and argued politics, which influenced him as he came of age in the 60s. He marched against the war in Vietnam, listened to left-leaning radio like WBAI, read Ray Bradbury for inspiration, and spent a summer at Woodstock. Find out more about his writing and his unique perspective in this interview.

Brody’s book is a work of fiction, a political thriller that involves a fictional cultish group called EcoPartyUSA, it includes a fight for the White House and power set in a near future where there are food shortages, wild weather and increased panic.

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