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Books That Make You Podcast

Books That Make You is a channel about all things bookish. Home to the The Books That Make You show with host Desiree Duffy of Black Chateau Enterprises. Where she discuses books with authors and experts, unraveling the inner pages of all the books that help make us who we are. BTMY also live streams bookish events as well as posting author readings and bookish contest on

Mar 16, 2022

Books That Make You Go on a Paranormal Thrill-Ride

The paranormal certainly is enticing. We love to imagine if ghosts, Bigfoot, UFOs, ancient curses and legends are real, don't we? And books that take us on such speculative journeys are often some of the most fun and stimulating to read, leaving us asking: could this be true? Is there something behind the myths and legends in some of the fiction books we read?

Betsey Kulakowski, author of The Veritas Codex, is an avid lover of documentaries and TV shows dealing with the bizarre and unexplained. Shows with phrases in the titles such as “in search of…”, “ancient aliens”, “mysteries of…”, and more are all her jam. Out of that passion sprung an extensive paranormal thriller series, The Veritas Codex Series, now four installments deep with the latest book, The Monk’s Grimoire.

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