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Jul 20, 2022

Books That Make You See Clarity in Chaos

On the road to recovery or transformation, it’s often hard to recognize what might be holding you back. Many feel stuck, like there is nothing they can do. How can we see and break the ongoing cycles we may be trapped in?

Marci Hopkins is the author of “Chaos to Clarity: Seeing the Signs and Breaking the Cycles”, a combination memoir and self-help book designed to educate readers on how to break such cycles, as they heal from their past, try to make amends in friendships or relationships, and attempt to create a more fulfilling life.

Marci Hopkins is also an award-winning TV personality, who hosts “Wake Up with Marci”, a show whose mission is to offer hope, empowerment, and the ability to change your mindset. Here, she engages in edifying conversations with celebrities, authors and industry leaders. “Wake Up” airs on the CBS-owned WLNY-TV 10/55 at 10 am on Saturdays.

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