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Apr 13, 2023

Books That Make You Charge Up a Mountain on a Motorbike

We all love coming of age stories, those tales of the struggles and obstacles to fit in, and to find yourself.

Danger Peak is the BookFest Award winner that swings us back to the 1980s with three teens members of The Wild Boars, the motorbike-racing club. With the unwitting help of their quirky technology teacher, Dr. Howard, they build Robert a faster, much-improved dirt bike—piece by piece.

Haunted by memories of his older brother Danny, who died the year prior trying to scale Danger Peak, he discovers what lies beyond the peak of the mountain…and maybe even beyond the bounds of Earth itself.

Michael Thomas Perone has written for Baltimore City Paper, The Baltimore Sun, Long Island Voice, and others. He’s also written for online outfits such as Fatherly, Yahoo!, WhatCulture!, and other websites. He lives on Long Island with his wife and two daughters, and works as a Senior Editor in Manhattan.

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