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Oct 19, 2022

Books That Make You Look Reconsider Our Meat-Eating Habits

If you’re a regular consumer of meat, or any animal products, do you sometimes think about the cost? Not just the price tag, but the ecological costs, as well as the medical and psychological costs?

What if someone came along and told you factory farms, corporations, meat lobbyists and politicians are on a mission to lull you into compliance? What if this someone offered the red pill?

That someone, now, is Stuart Waldner.

In his shocking new book, Escape the Meatrix, Stuart writes of his fight against climate change, how it has exposed, among other things, the unexpected reason vegetables are more expensive than burgers. He offers a list of diseases that a plant-based lifestyle can slow, prevent, or even cure, and illustrates the ways in which America’s declining health is tied directly to corporate profits.

After successfully transitioning to a plant-based diet himself in 2008, and feeling much better physically, Stuart set out on a path of activism and investigation, uncovering the statistical connections between our dietary choices and our current global crises. Escape the Meatrix is a critical wake-up call for those willing to face the daunting, but not insuperable, facts.

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