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Feb 3, 2021

We’re talking about Books That Make You Find Your True Starlight

Many of us might stand in the shadow of someone who overpowers us, who makes us feel hidden and unimportant. It could be conditioning from our childhood, an organization like a church, our own fears, or even a partner’s celebrity shadow.

Such is the case with our guest today. Ebba P. Karlsson’s book is “True Starlight: From Living in the Shadows to Being Stellar,” in which she shares the tools she learned on the road -- from growing up in a chaotic environment to living a glamorous life in Monaco with her husband, pro golfer Robert Karlsson, whose shadow she had to step out of. In doing so, she found her True Starlight.

Ebba is also the founder of the organization Victorious Angeles, designed to help sexual assault victims of the modeling and fashion industries. She claims she was assaulted in the early 1990s by the president of the renowned Elite Modeling Agency. Now, she is fighting back to raise awareness and help others.

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