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Books That Make You Podcast

Books That Make You is a channel about all things bookish. Home to the The Books That Make You show with host Desiree Duffy of Black Chateau Enterprises. Where she discuses books with authors and experts, unraveling the inner pages of all the books that help make us who we are. BTMY also live streams bookish events as well as posting author readings and bookish contest on

Jan 19, 2022

When kids read, they naturally see themselves as the star of the story, picking up social norms and expectations…particularly from the books they read early on. This is why diversity is so crucial in kids’ books.

Isabel Cintra is bringing a message of such representation and diversity to children all over the globe....

Jan 12, 2022

Books That Make You Consider Being Perfect – on a Bodily Level

Heather Mathes was paid to be perfect, to maintain a perfect size six her entire adult life. A professional fit model, she had to do this for decades. In doing so, she discovered her body’s natural size.

Heather’s experience and expertise will help...

Jan 5, 2022

Books That Make You Go On Exciting Adventures with Young Readers

We all know how important reading is to our kids, but what exactly are we reading to them? Are we sending our kids off on exciting adventures, and giving them a love for literature they will carry their entire lives?

A thoroughly adventurous Dad, David...

Jan 5, 2022

Books That Make You Stock Up Your To-Be-Read List

Bibliophiles love making the To-Read List, ensuring they are set and well-stocked for the new year. Author and editor Robert Yehling talks about this tradition, with some recommendations and considerations when it comes to writing in the New Year.

Robert himself is an...