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Books That Make You Podcast

Books That Make You is a channel about all things bookish. Home to the The Books That Make You show with host Desiree Duffy of Black Chateau Enterprises. Where she discuses books with authors and experts, unraveling the inner pages of all the books that help make us who we are. BTMY also live streams bookish events as well as posting author readings and bookish contest on

Oct 25, 2023

Books That Make You Think About Your Own Humanness as a Writer

As with any art, writing is both a natural talent and a developed skill. Many folks erroneously believe it’s all natural, or that storytelling is so ingrained in us that anyone can do it well. So far as we know, no other creature writes. Using the...

Oct 18, 2023

Books That Make You Enter A Dark, Political Fantasy Realm

We all love villains we can relish hating, and new realms we can escape into. Mix all this with a dark fantasy world, and political satire, and you might just get The Amber Menhir, the first book in “The Shadows of the Monolith” series.

Debut author...

Oct 11, 2023

Books That Make You Try New Things and be…Brave-ish

What happens when you’re almost fifty, undergoing divorced and moving back into your parent’s home to start from the beginning? If you’re like Lisa Niver, you start by taking one “braveish” step at a time. For Lisa, each step took her away from her old...

Oct 4, 2023

Books That Make You Uncover—and Celebrate—Your Cranky Superpowers

Yeah, everyone gets cranky. We all get on one another’s nerves, indulge in moments where we grumble, snap or lash out at the ones we love, or whoever’s in the unfortunate position of having to put up with us.

But imagine if you could harness...