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Books That Make You Podcast

Books That Make You is a channel about all things bookish. Home to the The Books That Make You show with host Desiree Duffy of Black Chateau Enterprises. Where she discuses books with authors and experts, unraveling the inner pages of all the books that help make us who we are. BTMY also live streams bookish events as well as posting author readings and bookish contest on

Mar 27, 2024

Books That Make You Glimpse the Future—Where AI in Livestreaming and Digital Media Is Concerned

The pandemic pushed us into a digital landscape, and that momentum remains strong. Livestreamed events like The BookFest—for which Books That Make You is a proud sponsor—are becoming more popular.

As a leader in...

Mar 21, 2024

Books That Make You Try to Escape the Maze

As a #1 New York Times bestselling author, James Dashner is perhaps best known for his YA “Maze Runner” series, though he is also the author of the bestselling “Mortality Doctrine” series, which includes The Eye of Minds, The Rule of Thoughts, and The Game of...

Mar 13, 2024

Books That Make You Live Alongside an Immersive True Crime Investigator

True crime stories, as many of us know, are among the most riveting, filled with intrigue and enigma and real victims for whom we can’t help but empathize with. Understanding the victim’s experience, and to relay that realness to readers,...

Mar 6, 2024

Books That Make You Uncover the Reach and Power of Influencers

Most of us know of influencers, and have some understanding of how the entertainment world, celebrities, and philanthropical institutions and brands all intersect. If you’re in one of these realms, this knowledge can help you and your company get ahead...