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Nov 29, 2023

Books That Make You Adventure Across a Mythical, Tolkien-Level World

Nothing juices up our imaginations like immersing ourselves in fantasy worlds that feel so real, you can so clearly see the characters, the flora, the fauna, the communities, cultures and countryside.

And so we have author C.D. McKenna’s award-winning The Vorelian Saga, a world of a dark epic fantasy, full of anti-heroes and ethically gray characters, the first book of which is The Blood of the Lion and which has readers all over the globe praising its Tolkien-level world-building. There’ve also been mentions of Game of Thrones and Eragon.

Living and working in the mountains of Colorado, C.D. McKenna is also a coffee lover who, when not writing with a dog on her lap, enjoys the fresh air and hikes to distant worlds right in her backyard. While McKenna explores various genres in her writing, she is published in fantasy and horror.

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